Studio Lab © Mayr


Faculty workshop under the direction of the Department of Visual Arts.

R 025/26 (UG)
Phone: 0241/ 80-95094


Studio Supervisor:

Dipl.-Des. Ivo Mayr

Opening Hours: 

By appointment
Tuesday to Thursday: 9am to 3pm

The StudioLab takes on tasks of analogue and digital imaging within the workshops.

The presentation and recording of architectural models is one of the main tasks of StudioLab. It is equipped with state-of-the-art camera and lighting technology that enables professional and experimental-artistic work both in the studio and on location in the fields of photography and moving images (eg model, still-life, portrait, fashion photography , Green screen etc).

Students of the faculty have the opportunity to use the equipment in the studio by arrangement after a technical introduction. Introductory events are available on request (maximum group size 5). Individual project support / assistance for production and post-production can be obtained by personal appointment.

The StudioLab offers students the opportunity to rent digital cameras (film and photo), beamer, light, tripods for study-related projects. This service can be used by all students of the faculty, please note the loan regulations.

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  Laboratory for Photo © Ivo Mayr

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