Reiff Hack

Workbench and tablet with tools Copyright: © Anja Neuefeind

The "Reiff Hack" project includes the programmatic conception, collection, editorial support and provision of short practice films, so-called Life Hacks, for everyday student life. The planned hands-on films are intended to deal with manual practices in everyday student life and in particular to support the creative development of ideas. In the field of blended learning or flipped classroom, the films offer the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of others, to contact them and to make knowledge available for learning by doing. The project is also linked to the goal of acquiring and imparting the significance of manual practices in the field of architecture, collecting and preserving existing knowledge and keeping it alive as open source in dialogue with other interested parties. The program extends the supervision of practically oriented teaching, workshops and practical seminars of the faculty and promotes the exchange of information. At the same time, it is also accessible to students from other faculties and universities.

In cooperation with the Media for Teaching (MfL) team, the Department of Visual Arts produces intended videos from various workshops of the faculty. In future, we will also invite other chairs to process knowledge in the form of short films and make it available to students.

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