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Instagram Launch call

Hello Reiff, Hello World, Hello Meta!

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... The Austrian painter, draughtsman and caricaturist Rudolf Schönwald was professor at the Department of Visual Arts from 1976 to 1993.

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Play your city!

Program in and around the town hall at the bus station:

29.08. Stairs Twister, step memory, GPS games.

30.08. Exhibition game sculpture

04.09. open games workshop

each: 2pm - 5pm

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Annual Exhibition JAA22

08 - 10 September 2022

Start: Thu. 16:00

Ceramics Studio, Stone Courtyard and Drawing Room

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Reiff Hack

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REIFF HACK: By students for students

At regular intervals, we publish Reiff Hacks about studying on the YouTube channel of the Student Council.

You can also find Reiff Hack via the 'Digital Learning Map'!

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Journal Article (2022)

Examining the Interactions of Design Parameters in the LDM of Clay as the Basis for New Design Paradigms

Klug, Christina; Schmitz, Thomas Heinrich

In: Ceramics
volume no.: 5
issue: 1
Page(s)/Article No.: 131-147

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Journal Articles

Media Practices of Architectural Design

Groninger, Hannah
Visual Negotiation: Sketches and Co-speech Gestures (pp. 173-186)

Klug, Christina; Meyer, Joost
Meta-Ton: Digital Design at the Intersection of Abstract Calculability and Material-specific Empirical knowledge (pp. 125-139)

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Project funding: Hybrid thinking tools

CURRICULUM 4.0.NRW Designing university curricula for the digital world

The Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in cooperation with the Stifterverband and the Digital University NRW is funding the project Hybrid Thinking Tools - Research-Based Learning at the Interface of Material Experience and Digital Abstraction (HYDE).

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Studios and workshops

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Among the projects of recent years...

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