digital sketch: power drill, digital pen and tablet. L.Ostgathe 2018 Copyright: Newenemy


Anja Neuefeind: 'Bugs, glitches and other unpredictabilities. Resistance of digital drawing tools and their aesthetic potential'.

Conference: "Hacking the Computable. On the aesthetic critique of digital rationality" 16.01.2020 - 18.01.2020


Moving Modelling, Spaces Scripting

Scribbels Copyright: Dominik Mohs
  performance of students Copyright: Hensel

Body Drawing

A large piece of fabric served as the starting point for an action that looked at the dimensions of body, history, memory and language. In groups, the students developed an action whose goal was the perception of the surrounding space, of fellow human beings and, not least, of oneself. The actions carried out were captured in photographs, which can now be seen in an exhibition in the corridor of the Chair of visual Arts.

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