Ceramics Studio

  Studio for Ceramics Copyright: © Ivo Mayr

|1200| Hall in ISF

Contact: Christina Klug

phone.: 0241 8095178

The playful handling of a soft, malleable material and its multiple configurable composition, with shrinkage and the aggregate change from soft + hard during drying, with the textures and colours of firing, all this our students learn in the ceramic studio. It is the ideal place for the very direct act of finding form with the designing, searching hand. And always also for the discourse on forms. It is sensual and haptic, an impressive, very basic experience of creativity!
This is not only about classical modelling, but also about novel, 'hybrid' techniques of form generation with CAM machines. Ceramic shapes or (building) structures are then no longer generated by hand, but by machine with the help of algorithmic path definitions. This opens up new creative design scope for dealing with ceramic materials and their material-typical behaviour. We see great potential in these hardly investigated combinations of characteristics of material, code and machine, also for new paradigms of design.