On The Road


On The Road: drawing, photography and film excursion

The event format 'On The Road' aims to address the theme of location and travel. Excursions lead away from the usual to new experiences. During this time, everyone is almost exclusively occupied with one thing: drawing, painting, photography and filming. Each media of recording is explored in its possibilities to grasp and understand a place and reflected in discourse. From day to day the sensitivity for the sensual appearance and the physical presence of things is refined: the place, the people, the landscape, the materials, the time of day, the sky.

The regularity of the work, which emerges completely by itself, changes the perception of the foreign city: after only a few days, everyone participates in the urban activity with a certain self-evident quality; no longer as outsiders, but with the feeling of belonging.

On The Road: Georgia

On The Road: Vienna, Bratislava, Brno

On The Road: Rome

On The Road: Athens

On The Road: Belgrad

  Drawing Georgia Copyright: © J.Dunkel