Smart Sketching


Blurring in digital sign systems

Module: Wahlmodul. 3 CP M.Sc. 2016-2019

Lecturers: Professor Thomas Schmitz, Anja Neuefeind, Carolin Lange

For architects today, the task of drawing lies less in representation than in supporting and guiding the thinking and design of space and object. This permanent creative process often took place in the medium of the sketchbook or with pencil on paper. Today, smart devices open up new possibilities. Although digital instruments still imitate traditional drawing techniques such as freehand drawing or painting, they are still being used to create objects. However, their characteristics are curious in the best sense. They offer new drawing options for users: e.g. Ctrl-Z, working in layers, reflections, transparencies, data collages, scalability, time factor detection, spatial 3D drawing, pressure sensitivity, divisibility, etc. This is where the seminar 'Smart Sketching' comes in.

In the first part of the course we get to know graphic tablets, smart pens and computer tablets and use them freely for abstract drawing. In the second part of the seminar, the digital drawings created in this process are transferred to analogue printing techniques in order to explore the reciprocal relationships between digital and analogue media. The practical examination will be guided by a thematic task and discussed in joint reviews. Here, media characteristics in relation to each other are worked out, de-contextualized and expanded - empirically, comparatively, dialogically, experimentally.