Digital Clay ‒ Form Follows Flow

  3D-Printed Modules 2021 Copyright: © Vesela Tabakova | 2022

3D printing techniques have become increasingly important in recent years. More and more new materials in the form of filaments or paste-like mixtures can be manufactured additively. The seminar introduces the digital manufacturing process of 'Liquid Deposition Modelling' (LDM) and explores the technical possibilities of extruded, fluid clay bodies for architectural applications.

The aim is to exploit the potential of digital tools in their creative scope and to evoke new forms and processes. Through the production of manual and digital Prototypes, we will search for new strategies in dealing with digital formal language and material-specific characteristics.

Funded by the program Curriculum 4.0 within the project "Hybrid Thinking Tools" and Lehre +.

Material contribution: for free!

Lecturer: Christina Klug Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz