LICHT sucht HALT/Impromptu

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LICHT sucht Halt

Design for two Easter candlesticks

The Protestant Student Community (ESG) and the Catholic Student Community (KHG) in Aachen are holding a joint competition: They are looking for designs for two candlesticks/candleholders for the two congregations: However, both candlesticks belong together, should work both individually and together. The candlesticks are 110 cm high and 10 cm in diameter (approx. 7 kg). The candlesticks should have a height of 80 to 120 cm up to the base of the candle and be transportable (max. 15 kg), because at least once a month they are transported through Aachen on foot or in a handcart to be placed in different rooms individually - or together at ecumenical events. Aspects of sustainability are to be included in the design. Production and material per candlestick must not exceed 500€. The production is to be carried out by the winners of the competition in the workshops of the Department of Visual Arts. Prize money: 1st prize: 250€, 2nd prize: 150€, 3rd prize: 100€. Detailed information on the competition can be found in the course description on RWTHonline.

  • Questions and answers colloquium (=impromptu edition): 27.10.2021, 19.30 h in the IKV (Institute for Plastics Processing)

  • Submission of drafts: 20.12.2021 online via Moodle

Prof. Thomas Schmitz Axel Friedrich