Nature studies in paper models

  paper models Copyright: © Odine Lang

For centuries, natural objects have provided architects with a rich fund of forms and form-forming mechanisms that are still used as a source of inspiration today. By examining small-format plant objects such as pods, fruit stalks, buds, but also microscopic living beings, we want to open up a world of forms from which our own constructions can be derived in a variety of abstract ways.
The material paper, which is available in everyday life, has specific material properties and enables the uncomplicated construction of model objects, but at the same time it is subject to its own laws. Accompanied by information on the material, we will test and develop various folding and connecting techniques (such as glueless connections or thread connections), especially modular structures and the possibilities of curved folding lines - with the goal of moving from the flat material to multiple curved surfaces.
Through drawing exercises to sensitize perception and analyzing drawing, we approach the treasure trove of forms of natural objects in order to subsequently build abstracting paper models focusing on selected features. This includes a form analysis, possibly morphological research on the selected object. Focusing on different features and details and choosing appropriate paper technique/modularity, different models are created serially, each illustrating different features of the original.

Weekly Wednesdays | 09:00 - 12:00 h | Sculptor's Studio/Wüllnerstraße

Betreuung: Odine Lang

Betreuung: Odine Lang,