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Interested students can apply for the M3 with a project outline (free topic) or for the given topic (In die Jahre gekommen - Max Taut's Reutersiedlung in Bonn). Contact:

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Image composition and camera

On November 10, Carina Neubohn and Julia Baumann from the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) Cologne will give a public lecture for the course WF Reiff Hack. The topic is image composition and camera. The event will take place online. If you are interested in attending, please send an email to

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The exhibition took place in the foyer of the Reiff Museum and can be viewed as a video here. On display are two installations: CONTINUA and PAPIERMODELL - works by first-year students in sculpture from the winter semester 2020/21.

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Reiff Hack

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REIFF HACK: By students for students

At regular intervals, we publish Reiff Hacks about studying on the YouTube channel of the Student Council for Architecture RWTH Aachen University.

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Project Funding: Curriculum 4.0

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CURRICULUM 4.0.NRW »Designing university curricula for the digital world« Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in cooperation with the Stifterverband and the Digital University of NRW.

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Video Tutorials

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Video Tutorials: Visual Design

Hybrid teaching continues: newly-produced video tutorials will be uploaded to the RWTHmoodle learning platform with content and recommended actions for the Visual Design course.

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Journal article

Distance laboratories : dynamic media interference in drawing theory

Groninger, Hannah; Mohs, Dominik

In: Imago : journal for art education
Volume: 11
Page(s)/Article No.: 30-45

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Book contribution to the conference proceedings

Manual action practices in design : a methodological interpretation of Alexander Cozens' 'blot method' as a suggestive interface to the preconscious

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Plugin for RWTHMoodle

With different internal and external cooperation partners we are developing a new plugin in the area of cluster display for the new learning space system Moodle.

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Studios and workshops

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Click here to visit our workshops and labs...

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Among the projects of recent years...

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